Expectation And Cynicism

We often pray and ask God to a lot of things He can do but that we don’t really expect. Worship leaders in particular will often do something like this before a service.

Stephen Miller on what we ask for and what we expect:

But that call made me realize that while I pray these things, I don’t honestly expect God to actually do it.

I eagerly desire to see God move, but don’t even know what it would look like if He did. I always assume it will look supernaturally spectacular, saturating all my senses; that I will feel it enveloping my emotions.

But much of the time this is not my experience.

So there is a cynicism at work in my heart, whispering in my ear that it’s up to me, and the best that I should expect is for everything to go according to plan.

I don’t think he’s alone in this assessment. Read the whole post here.

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