Forgetting Confession

Marc Brown explains a crucial aspect of corporate worship that we too often neglect:

In the beginning verses of Isaiah chapter 6, Isaiah finds himself peering into worship in the throne room of heaven. As he observes angels worshiping God in grace and truth he is confronted by his own sinfulness. After he confesses his sin, God cleanses him by sending a seraphim flying with a burning coal to cauterize his sinful mouth. Only then was Isaiah able to listen and respond and God willing to speak.

Don’t we also want to hear from God in the midst of our worship? Isn’t this the reason that protestants in general and specifically evangelicals value the preached Word? In the Joshua telling of Achan’s sin and in the account of Isaiah’s call, we see a paradigm for worship…

This is really one of those areas where following a set liturgy helps in service planning. Check out Marc’s post here.

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