How To Stop Being A Worship Leader And Just Worship

After leading a worship team for long enough, just being in the congregation can be quite a challenge. For me, my “service planning mode” kicks in and I start thinking about the different choices I would have made in song selections, arrangements, and even the slides. But that’s not a healthy attitude to bring into worship.

Nathan Mark on how to turn off your worship leader brain and just be in God’s presence:

But at that moment it was as if God said to me, “Nathan, will you stop? Stop critiquing. Stop focusing on all the instruments. Stop focusing on the everything but Me and just be with Me in this time. Just be with Me.” And at that moment I let go of all my analyzation and critique and began to simply be. What followed was one of the sweetest times of worship I have ever experienced in my life. The funny thing is, the ambiance of the room was still not ideal. The florescent lights in the room were very bright. The sound wasn’t perfect. The instrumentalists made a few mistakes here and there. The songs were not even all songs I knew, nor were they particularly my favorites, BUT it didn’t matter. Because I was with Jesus.

Great story. Check out the whole thing here.

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