How To Worship When You Don’t Like Worship Music

If you’re not a music person, or if you’re a person who doesn’t care for the genre that most modern worship seems to fit into these days, getting through a music-heavy worship service can be tough.

Nick Morrow offers some help for those who don’t like worship music:

I had this playlist, I think it was named “Christian Music That Doesn’t Suck.” I remember one Sunday morning my family was going to the late service and had some time to kill after breakfast. So I turned on the playlist and sang to my son who was a toddler at the time. I remember being especially moved by the presence of God that morning. It was a sort of pre-game personal worship time where I could be goofy and uninhibited if I wanted.

And you know what happened when I went to church that day? I sang along to the worship music just fine. It was as if my time with God that morning primed the pump for my worship in the corporate setting.

Great story about how to get yourself in the right frame of mind before the worship service starts. Read the whole post here.

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