Idolatry, The Gospel, And Worship

We all worship something. That’s how we’re made. But we won’t worship the right thing until we encounter the Gospel.

Dustin Rouse writes:

The problem with sin is that we are worshiping the wrong thing. When we worship sin, we worship a false god, idols that are not worthy of our worship. It’s been said that “We worship our way into sin, and the only way out is worship.” That’s a helpful and sobering thought. When we sin, we are saying to that false god “You are worthy of my worship. So I will follow you, give my life for you, and I will be all about you.” The problem with that is that these idols always leave us empty. They never deliver on their promises.

The beauty of the gospel is that it hijacks our worship and aims it at the One in whom our worship finds its consummation of joy. Jesus always satisfies and He always keeps His word. We were made for God. We were designed to worship the only One who can wake us out of our sin-filled slumber and point our affections to Christ.

Wrong worship is at the root of all sin. But once we know Jesus Christ, we can turn from idolatry to true worship.

Read Dustin’s full post here. Good stuff.

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