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With ministry, just as in life, it’s easy to see what someone has and compare yourself unfavorably. But just like looking at someone Instagram feed won’t give you a real picture of what their life is like, looking at another ministry’s social media presence doesn’t show the nuts and bolts behind it. Besides, when it comes down to it, we’re all ultimately on the same ministry team.

Jason Whitehorn on ministry comparisons:

Take a scroll through Instagram, twitter, and facebook accounts pertaining to worship at church and you will quickly find tons of images of perfectly hazed and well lit sanctuaries – congregations with hands raised high in the air in abandonment – videos of amazing vocalists that would rival Kari Jobe – pictures of expensive guitars and pedals that look like they could somehow land an airplane. You get my point.

What if you are church that can’t afford the lights? What if you have struggled just to get to the point where you can add an electric guitar to your service…but your guitarists barely owns an amp and guitar and cant afford the fancy gear? What if your vocalists don’t sound like Kari Jobe? What if your sanctuary looked…well…plain and dated?

Do what you can with what God has given you. Read Jason’s full post here.

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