Leading Worship, Not Just Leading Music

I think this post by Christina Dodson really illustrates the different between leading worship and just leading music. She writes:

And I’ll never forget, one night during worship with hundreds of students with their arms raised praising Jesus my friend turned to me and said, “Too bad, it’s just a little fake. One person raises their arms, and then everyone does. Everyone’s just copying.”

I was so bummed. Was she right? We were all just being fake and following everyone else’s lead? Was this not real worship?

I’ve been in many churches where the congregation didn’t which physical expressions of worship were “safe” until the worship team did it first. “Can I raise my hands? Nobody else is doing that…”

Later in the post, she mentions how helpful it can be when the worship team is more demonstrative, since they’re leading worship, not just leading music. Read the whole post here.

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