Passion For The City

How well do you know your church’s city? Do you study it? Do you actively seek to know more about it and more about the people? Do you plan worship services with an eye on the needs of your city?

Josh White on the challenge of building a worship culture in a unchurched city:

I have the unique privilege of living and worship pastoring at a church in the heart of San Francisco. Pastoring over a worship culture in big cities such as San Francisco can be a different task all in it’s own. SF is known for a couple things; high rent, liberalism central, amazing weather, and unique city culture. And all these things are play while creating a culture of worship within our big american cities. Along with that, San Francisco is one of the most unchurched cities in America, reaching only 3% of it’s entire population.

To pursue making Jesus famous in a virtually unreached city, you have to have some serious commitment and vision for what you see Jesus doing through you in that city. For you city pastors: here’s three things you have to have when trying to create a worship culture in your city…

I love how he writes about having a passion for your city. Read the whole thing here. Good stuff.

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