Passion, Prayer, And Your Worship Team

Seth Putnam explains an effective way to inspire more passion on your worship team:

Do you ever wonder how to make your worship team members more passionate on Sunday’s? Have you ever been disappointed by the lack of ardor you see on your worship team? I know I have before and this problem used to drive me nuts. I would spend half my time on Sunday’s trying to inspire zeal into my team only to get a minimal increase out of them. Do the spiritual math with me… It’s not cool lights or amazing new technology that will amp up your team. It’s heart-felt prayer. You want a team that ministers effectively and passionately? Teach them to pray passionately!!

Now, it’s easy to say that you need to pray together passionately, but it doesn’t happen automatically. Seth also shares five tips for getting your worship team more involved in prayer together. Check it out here.

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