Pastors, Worship Leaders, And BFFs

Paul Wilkinson on one of the most important relationships in every church – the one between the pastor and the worship leader:

I came across the article in the spring of 2007 in Worship Leader magazine, never realizing how it was about to change my life. They interviewed a number of worship leaders in the U.S. — magazines like WL are usually unaware that anything exists outside the U.S. — on the subject of their relationship with their senior pastor.

Many mentioned the need for friendship, the need to be doing things together outside the office. As someone who was involved in a weekly worship activity that resulted in a senior pastor relationship which was entirely “task related,” I suddenly figured out why I had the nagging feeling that something was missing.

Paul shares how, for him, this realization led to the end of one ministry and the start of another. Read the whole story here.

I’ll throw in that when I’ve had a great friendship with my pastor, I’ve done my best work in worship ministry.

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