Review: Ancient Of Days – Alexon Music

Alexon Enfiedjian recently released his first worship album in over six years, titled Ancient of Days, with seven incredible worship songs. According to Alexon’s website, these seven songs are about God’s sovereignty in the middle of chaos and trials. This description stands true and is noticeable through the real and raw lyrics on the songs on Ancient of Days. In the midst of many worship songs that aim to sound upbeat and light hearted, Alexon Music brings worshipers a CD full of songs that are honest and that dare to ask the questions many Christians think.

While these songs are raw and real, they also speak life into those troubled times by reminding listeners that God is constant and here for them. The song “Wait for You Here” is the perfect example of this honest lyric writing that Alexon has brought. The chorus says, “in the middle of my mess, I will wait for you here. I don’t want to be alone, I want to know you are near.” These lyrics echo feelings that most Christians have prayed at some point in their journey.

The whole of Ancient of Days is a wonderful diverse album that contains softer, slower worship songs that are more upbeat. Each some has a different feel than the one before. This album shows the diversity Christian worship music can offer. With great vocals, nice guitar parts, and lyrics that are just repetitive enough for a listener to catch on, these songs could quickly become songs that the church could be singing.

The song “Guide Us On” has a feel that is reminiscent of an All Sons and Daughters song. “Guide Us On” has a great message coupled with a great beat that leaves the listener wanting to hear more. The message of this song is asking God to lead the way and show us the path.

“We Know Your Love” is a song that is easily remembered by its beautiful piano part that plays during the chorus. While some instrument parts often seem to overpower the vocals, “We Know Your Love” is a great example of musical parts that really enhance the song overall. But while the music of this song is great, the lyrics are just as good: “We know Your love is an anchor for our soul,” should be the cry of every Christian’s heart.

The track “Come Restore Me” shows a message of asking God for forgiveness and asking Him to restore the hearts of His people. Each song on this album is wonderfully written both musically and lyrically. Alexon’s honesty and heart for Christ is apparent through these seven songs. They are offerings and proclamations to God. Check out Alexon’s website here. Buy Ancient of Days on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon!

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