Right God, Wrong Worship

Tim Barnett asks if all worship is equally acceptable to God, and I think we can all guess at the answer:

Was Cain worshipping the wrong God? Was Cain not being sincere? I think we can answer “no” to both of these questions. Then why didn’t God accept Cain’s offering? I believe the answer is clear: Even though Cain wasn’t coming to the wrong God, he was coming to the right God in the wrong way. Cain didn’t believe in God any less than Abel. Cain was sincere in his offering. He was a worker of the ground and thought that offering “fruit from the ground” would be acceptable. It turns out that even though Cain was sincere, he was sincerely wrong.

As the article points out, we can approach God with the right gift and still be wrong in our hearts. That’s where worship begins. Read the rest here.

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