Sacred Songs And Drinking Tunes

The old hymns were just holy words set to bar songs, right? Not so fast…

I’ve heard it many, many times. Often enough that it made me wonder. But Jonathan Aigner sets the record straight on the subject:

One of the most common arguments for the use of christianized commercial music in corporate worship is that beloved hymn-writers used tavern tunes for their hymns in a fervent evangelistic appeal to the musical appetites of the time. I see it on nearly every thread here on Ponder Anew. One commentor actually went so far as to suggest that Luther would be singing “Jesus” to Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” This just isn’t true, and after having been debunked countless times, we still see it gaining traction among people who ought to know better… Delving further into 16th century music history would teach us that we’re asking the wrong question, anyway.

This is some great info debunking a commonly believed myth about worship music. Read the whole post here.

One thought on “Sacred Songs And Drinking Tunes”

  1. Jonathan is right about them not being drinking songs, but his argument against using popular idioms is contradicted by his own premise that Luther was into accessible folk style – and worshiping in the vernacular.

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