Six Ways To Serve Your Pastor Better

The relationship between the pastor and the worship leader is one of the most important ones in the local church, but it can also be a strained one sometimes. The pastor doesn’t always get where the worship leader is coming from, and vice versa.

But as the worship leader, it’s your job to submit to the pastor. That’s not always easy, but Chris Denning has some tips to help:

No matter your position on the staff team, your goal for your relationship with your Pastor should be to serve the well. We see support for this in Bible where church leaders are shown to be worthy of honor (1 Tim 5:17) and that obedience and submission to them is good (Hebrews 13:17). Assuming that your Pastor is leading in a way that honors God, serving your Pastor is paramount to your ability to serve God in your role.

Worship Leaders have an especially important role in serving our Pastors because we work so closely in helping them in one of their main tasks of leading the Church on a weekly basis. Knowing how we can specifically serve our Pastors well will not only help us to be more effective, but will also make our jobs even more enjoyable.

Chris lists six things you can do to make the pastor/worship leader team as effective as it can be. Check it out here.

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