Social Guidelines For Worship Leaders

As musicians, worship leaders can tend to be aloof and standoffish sometimes, but all that does is alienate the people you’re trying lead in worship. It’s harder, but much better, to open up, be vulnerable, and engage with the congregation on a social level even as you lead worship.

Kory Pence writes:

We become what we rehearse. Francis Asbury poetically shared, “Oh what people of God we ought to be; and grace can make us so!” Being shaped by God’s grace can be reflected in a simple hello or thoughtful action.

There are unwritten social norms like don’t text and drive, and let people out of the elevator before entering. Yet we all encounter these social faux pas on a regular basis. Full disclosure, my perspective comes as one in the crowd and not on the platform. I’m not a worship leader but I’m married to a great one. Here are common sense but often-missed 7 social rules to help worship leaders kindle greater engagement and build relationships in your congregation.

Kory shares seven ways to increase engagement and decrease the distance between you and your congregation. Read the whole list here.

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