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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers! Here are some Thanksgiving-related links to read while the turkey finishes cooking. 🙂

Matt Boswell reminds us that thanksgiving is a lifestyle, not an event, and it starts with worship:

Various churches offer thanksgiving during its services in various ways. Some show thanks through songs of praise. More liturgical churches will have a time of thanksgiving (spoken or sung) following an assurance of pardon. Still others sing the Doxology together as a moment of collective thanksgiving.

Whatever the practice of your local church, thanksgiving likely serves as a significant part of our gathered worship, and we should take fresh notice, and not simply go through the motions.

Pamela Haddix tells the story of a Thanksgiving that wasn’t filled with thankfulness:

Remember last Thanksgiving? I do. I’m not talking about remembering the wonderful family gathering and fabulous, home-cooked food (because my husband and I ended up eating alone at Cracker Barrel due to the sudden illness of others in our family – true story). But what I remember is just how UNthankful last Thanksgiving found me.

Eric Davis some quotes and thoughts on thankfulness from some great theological thinkers:

So, whether you are standing in the TSA line, running to catch a connecting flight, in between trains, or on your way to grandma’s, here are a few of my favorite quotes and meditations on thankfulness which I hope will prepare our hearts for tomorrow’s wonderful holiday; Thanksgiving Day.

Skip Prichard lists fifteen Thanksgiving quotes from pop culture:

Thanksgiving is here in the United States. Even outside of the USA, you can benefit from a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude. Here are fifteen quotes to get you started…

And just for fun, here are 25 facts about Thanksgiving from Mental Floss:

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