The Non-Liturgical Liturgy

Funny how sometimes the thing we’re trying avoid is the thing we end up embracing. For many contemporary churches, the rush to avoid anything that smacks of liturgy has ironically led to a new format that’s often just as rote and predictable.

Paul Wilkinson writes:

A church we visited a few years ago incorporates a rather bizarre mixture of informality and tradition. By that I don’t mean that they blend contemporary and liturgical forms; no, that would be welcome. Instead, there is a very specific order of worship from which there has never — in the last 15 years — been and possibly never will be any significant variance.

One expects there to be a distinction between a “contemporary” church and a “liturgical” church, but in practice, many modern churches have a rather strict liturgy that simply exists in unwritten form.

It’s most evident in the arrangement of the worship songs…

Very interesting read, it reinforces some things I’ve noticed over the years as well. Check out the whole thing here.

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