The Pastor’s On The Worship Team?

It’s probably not something you want to do every week, but Philip Nation explains why it’s good for the pastor to help out on the worship team every once in a while:

On the most recent Sunday night, my church came together for a Night of Worship. We sang mostly older hymns; some arranged to contemporary styles. It was a time of great joy, a few tears, and the sweet community of the saints who love our Savior. In joking with our worship pastor Aaron Loy about when “my solo” would be in the service, he suggested that I join the small group of worship leaders on the platform.

I jumped at the opportunity…

Pastors, let me encourage you to join me in finding ways to join your worship leader on platform from time to time. Here’s why.

Philip shares four benefits for the pastor in getting up on the platform with the worship team on occasion. Read the whole thing here. Good stuff.

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