The Power Of The Draft

Songwriting is hard, especially songwriting for the church. It’s easy to panic and worry that the song you write has to be perfect enough for the church to sing, but that can be crippling to your songwriting.

Mark Martin celebrates the power of the rough draft:

I was working on writing some music tonight, and I was struggling to get the juices flowing, and it occurred to me why. See if you relate.

I realized, though not for the first time, that I don’t like the “draft.”

I don’t naturally do “rough draft.”

And that’s a problem. It slows me down.

What do I mean?

We perfectionists (“recovering perfectionists” if you like) find the rough draft difficult. We don’t like it.

Your song’s first draft won’t be perfect, so don’t sweat it. Just get it out there.

Read Mark’s full post here.

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