Three Keys To A Worship Setlist

You don’t learn overnight how to build an effective worship set – it takes a long time and a lot of services. Beth Croft on the art and science of crafting a great worship setlist:

No one really tells you how to put a setlist together. If your first experience of leading worship was anything like mine, you’ll have been handed a guitar – because you’re “quite musical” – and been expected to know what to do! Knowing no better, I scribbled down my 5 favourite worship songs in order of preference and started strumming…

Now, don’t get me wrong… songs are simply a vehicle for worship. The presence of God doesn’t depend on them. There’s no combination code on the gates of heaven that only unlocks if you play the right songs in the right order. But at the same time, I think there should be more to writing a setlist than just stringing together a handful of songs without any thought or care.

Read the tips here.

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