What Really Matters In Worship

Matt Lockwood asks what really matters most in our worship services:

The thing is, so much of how we ‘do’ worship in church these days is based around style or tradition; and each church will ‘do’ it differently, and each worship leader and pastor will secretly be thinking that they ‘do’ it better than most other churches around (yep, I can include myself in that!). I’ve been ‘doing’ this a while and I’ve come to the conclusion that God isn’t really interested in what songs we use, or whether we have lights or not, or whether we have pews or cushioned seats. God is interested in people – that’s what everything is all about, His love for people. So all these things (songs, technology, format, liturgy, etc.) that for each church help define who we are and how we operate, it’s how we use them to serve people that matters to God, not that we have or don’t have them.

Read the whole post for Matt’s take on what matters more than music or tech or liturgy. Good stuff.

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