As We Wait Upon The Lord

Pamela Haddix on waiting, worshipping, and wasting time:

It didn’t take me long to figure out that not only do I wait for other things more hours of the day than I wait for God, but I often wait more thought-consuming, emotion-driven hours of the day for them – only to be let down 99% of the immediate time. (That’s a lot of wasteful waiting!) And frankly, waiting on the wrong things just makes me so weary.

God expects me to wait for Him “more” than all these other things that so consume me. After all, He’s promised He will accomplish what concerns me as I wait on Him (Psalm 138:3, 8). He never overlooks my requests – though I may get a no or keep waiting.

I obviously can’t spend the most hours of my day on my knees waiting on God, but my most earnest, heart- and mind-invested waiting needs to be on Him. This is the tough part and essential part of what He wants to do in and through me.

Good thoughts about how we spend our time and energy. Read the whole thing here.

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