Don’t Be Afraid To Push

Great post by Yancy reminding us that as worship leaders, part of our job is to model to our congregations what worship looks like:

I looked up the word “leader” in the dictionary and you know what it means? “A person or thing that leads”. If you are a leader of worship and you don’t have people following your example then I would challenge you to improve your leadership abilities. Yes, we set an example. We set the tone. We invite others on our journey. From people who have different church backgrounds to new believers there are plenty that need to understand what worship looks like and how to do it. How are you teaching others about worship? How are you encouraging them to participate? How are you pushing them to go deeper and engage in worship beyond what they think they can do? Remember the success of a trainer, coach or aerobic instructor in our lives of what they are able to push us to do? Think about that as you consider how to lead those you are leading in worship.

And like she writes, don’t be afraid to push your congregation if they need a push. She cites David as a great example of this.

Read the whole post here.

PS: Obviously, don’t push too hard. 🙂

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