Family Worship At Christmastime

Scott James shares some tips for worshipping as a family during the Christmas season:

Gathering together as a family to spend focused time worshiping God is a wonderful way to center your home on Him. Family worship is a visible reminder to our children that God is worthy of our time, our attention, and our affection. In the hectic ebb and flow of life, it can be difficult for a family to settle in to a sustainable rhythm of regular family worship. The buzz of activity around Christmastime doesn’t do anything to make life easier, but, if you let them, the biblical themes that permeate the holiday season can also serve as a center of gravity that helps pull a family into beautiful habits of worship.

Scott hones in on three things we should do as families to focus our worship on Christ this season. It’s a short post, but one that will give you some good ideas. Check it out here.

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