Five Encouragements For Small Worship Teams

Jamie Brown on really, really small worship teams:

But what about when your worship team is really small? You’re scraping by from week to week with a kind gentlemen who knows three guitar chords, a fifth grader who wants to be able to play the drums, your pastor’s wife who can sing soprano, and a high school junior who’s an excellent french horn player.

You don’t look or sound like any of the worship teams you see online or hear on albums. An electric guitar has never crossed the threshold of your sanctuary. The newest song you sing was written in 2001 (and that’s pushing it!). You would be thrilled to add more musicians to the team. You would love to have the problem of having so many musicians that they’re all clamoring to play on Sundays. You wish you had a plethora of people to fill different musical slots.

I’ve been there. And honestly, it’s not as bad as it sounds. You kind of get used to it.

Jamie goes on to share five things to keep in mind when you’re running a really tiny worship team. Great encouragement for the small church worship leader. Check it out here.

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