Four Signs Of A Successful Worship Leader

Chris Denning on defining and identifying success in worship leaders:

Everyone wants to be successful.

Notice I didn’t say rich, or famous, or anything like that, but successful. Being successful can look like loads of money and attention, but at its core, being successful is about accomplishing something you were trying to do.

But what does it look like to be a successful Worship Leader? How can we define success for a Worship Leader? I doubt it has to do with how many people clap along on Sunday or even how many Crowder tunes we’re able to squeeze in a setlist.

These are important and helpful questions to ask, but I think first we’ve got to have a healthy view of the purpose of a Worship Leader.

I love that some of these signs of a successful worship leader focus on what we see in the congregation and on the worship team. Check out the whole list here.

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