Four Worship Lessons From Habakkuk

Our worship should never depend on our circumstances. God is always good and always deserves our praise. But when things are falling apart all around us, it can be hard to remember that.

Here’s Casey Lewis on difficult times, triumph, and an unchanging God:

So Habakkuk vows to thank the Lord, even during times of hardship. In fact, he promised not to allow anything to get in his way of praising and rejoicing in the Lord. How can Habakkuk make that promise? How can he promise ahead of time to rejoice in the Lord when everything around him comes crashing down? When he is facing hardship and suffering loss, what is it that allows him to take joy in God?

What is it that allows us to be thankful when things are difficult? I believe Habakkuk clues us into four truths in these three verses that allow us to thank God even in the difficult times.

Casey draws four lessons about worship from the third chapter of Habakkuk. Check it out here.

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