Leaning Into Lament At Advent

From Lenora Rand, a reminder that Advent is a time of waiting and lamentation, but also hope:

During the weeks before Christmas, when we’re all frantically trying to have a season that’s merry and bright in the midst of events where innocent people are attacked in Beirut and Bagdad and Paris, and children are being regularly kidnapped as sex slaves, when people are starving, economic injustice is ignored, racism’s running rampant, and refugees aren’t being welcomed, when we’re lonely and overworked, feeling powerless and frightened, and desperately longing for more hope, joy, peace and love in this world, we are Advent people, whether we know it or not.

And we need Advent songs that help us believe Jesus’ coming means that things will not always be this broken, songs that remind us to wait. And hope. To lament, but not give up on love. And to be a part of God’s redeeming work on this earth.

The article also lists quite a few songs and hymns for Advent, including some lesser-known ones. Check it out here.

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