Letting Go Of The Big Show

Jesse Biondi on worship leader burnout – and a possible remedy:

I would venture to say the offender is what I like to call The Big Show. You see, as a person in ministry, there is an unspoken pressure that this week has to be better than last week, and next week has to be better than this week, and it’s a never ending cycle. We are always trying to be bigger, better, more exciting, more engaging, and more attractive to the masses than we ever have been before. There’s only one small problem with that: we are going to kill ourselves in the pursuit of creative growth.

Now, before you think that I am against creativity and bettering ourselves, let me first say that I love thinking out of the box and making strides to do greater things. The problem comes when that is our weekly focus and we spend all of our time and energy on the things that don’t really matter.

I love this. We don’t have to top ourselves every week – we just need to worship God and present the Gospel. Read Jesse’s full post here.

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