Sacrifices, Offerings, And Worship

From Mike Riccardi, a really interesting essay about our giving as act of worship:

The one who recognized God’s worth above all things and thus could part gladly and even eagerly with a portion of what God had given to him. And because that was the heart attitude of a faithful worshiper who brought a sacrifice to God, when the odor of the burnt flesh of an ox or a bull or a ram ascended into the heavens, rather than a disgusting stench, the text says it reached the nostrils of God and was to Him a soothing aroma—a fragrant aroma, an acceptable sacrifice, well-pleasing to God.

Paul uses this very same imagery and applies it to the giving of God’s people in the service of the Gospel…

And this is the way the New Testament speaks about you and me. We are a kingdom of priests to God (Rev 1:6). The sacrifices we bring before Him are not the carcasses of bulls and goats, but our bodies as a living and holy sacrifice…

That’s just a brief sample. Mike does some comparing and contrasting between Old Testament giving and New Testament giving, all with an eye toward worship. Check it out here.

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