Sing It Like You Could Mean It

Last weekend I sang “It Is Well With My Soul” at my Grandma’s funeral. Honestly, it didn’t feel like all was well at the moment. I missed my Grandma. I still do. But that doesn’t mean the words aren’t true.

Mark McIntyre shares why it’s okay to sing words in worship songs that we may not mean in the moment:

I recently read a devotional article where the author expressed his reluctance to sing certain hymns and songs which express thoughts which are not true for him. He cited the hymn, “Jesus I am Resting” as one that prompts such hesitation.

Reflection on this made me see a distinction between singing about what is actually true in the moment and what I aspire to be true. The distinction is between what is actual and what is aspirational (my spell checker does not recognize this as a word but we will run with it).

Worship is formative, so singing words you aspire to mean may help you get there.

Read Mark’s post here. He has some good examples of aspirational worship lyrics.

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