Six Essential Things About Leading Worship

Jeremy Armstrong shares six truths that should inform how we view (and lead) worship in the church:

As we move close to the celebration of the incarnation, and then turn around and contemplate the New Year, it is inevitable. It’s time to think over our mission and purpose. Taking stock of the past couple of years, here are some of the most important thoughts on worship leadership I have encountered in my time here at Worship Leader. Right now, they seem a little obvious, but they continue to form and inform all that we do in our journey towards biblical worship.

Here’s a great example:

Leading worship is an art of leading participation.
In biblical times, God’s people went to the Temple to offer their sacrifices to God. Today the role of the church leader can still be viewed through this lens: a worship service is designed to create space for people to offer sacrifices of prayer and worship. Worship then—for it to truly be called worship—cannot be something that our congregations come and watch…

Read the whole list here. Great things to keep in mind as we begin a new year of leading worship!

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