Sixteen Tips For 2016

Tim Smith shares sixteen ideas that you can use to add some creativity to your worship services. These aren’t earth-shattering major initiatives, but fun things that can add a bit of variety to an otherwise stale routine:

I admit, I like the challenge of making every worship service fresh and unique. Not just to showoff my prowess on ‘newness’ but to help the congregation see and hear Jesus in fresh new ways – even with the same-old songs! Sometimes it is tempting to throw out the old for the new, but I believe God is calling us to not only keep it fresh in our corporate times of worship but also to rebuild, renew and even repair our songs and our expressions of worship. I love trying new things while still honoring the old, tried and proven. Over the years, I have compiled a list of new and fresh ideas that I have either tried or I have seen others do successfully to ‘keep it fresh’ in our worship.

Here’s an interesting one:

Plant a soloist in congregation

Check out the whole list here.

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