Ten Ways To Shake Up The Worship Service

No matter how you structure the worship service, things can get stale and predictable. A certain amount of predictability is a good thing, but too much can be a killer.

Joe McKeever offers some advice for worn out worship:

Far too many churches suffer from a deadly sameness and predictability. In many, the worship leader seems to have given no advance thought to anything other than the choice of the hymns. And more than once, they’ve not even done that, but invite the congregation to do it for them on the spot.

And we wonder why the glazed look in the eyes of the congregation.

Few things should be as wonderful and uplifting as the time spent in worshiping the God of the universe through the risen, ascended Lord Jesus Christ…

The ways to liven up a dull worship service cannot be counted. Here are a few thoughts on that, some more dynamic than others, but we send them forth with the hope that something here will help someone…

Joe lists ten ways to add some kick to an otherwise dull worship service. We’re not talking about laser shows and clown cars, but reasonable, practical stuff. There are a couple good anecdotes in the post as well. I enjoyed the bit about the biker gang.

Check out the whole thing here.

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