The Purpose Of The Song

Russ Hutto shares a guiding principle for planning old and new music together:

Lately, there’s been something stirring within me to revisit older songs and hymns. I think as I grow older and more seasoned, I’m realizing that “new” doesn’t always mean right. And on the flip side, old doesn’t always mean right, as well.

The issue isn’t in the newness or oldness of songs, the important factor that I think a lot of people miss out when charging full steam into their own offensive rants about why this side or that side is wrong about worship styles and genres in the church, is INTENTION.

What is the PURPOSE of the song?

It’s a simple question, but it might not be an easy question to answer.

I like Russ’s approach here: it doesn’t matter who wrote it or when – it matters that it glorifies God and serves the church.

Read the whole post here. Good stuff.

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