The Top 20 Worship Songs Of 2015

In keeping with their annual tradition, Worship Leader Magazine has posted their list of the top twenty worship songs of the year:

Picking the top worship songs for the year is a heavy task—one we take very seriously. Of course, this list is not the “right” one. It is, simply, our list. We chose the songs that we saw making an impact this year, and songs we see as exemplars because of their prayer essence and congregational focus—these are simply our favorites as well. Certainly there were songs released in previous years that impacted the Church this year, but this list only represents tracks that were new and on releases in 2015. This means we did not include “Good Good Father” by Housefires. Clearly this song is affecting the Church, and we love it, too (it was featured on Song Discovery Vol 120). However, because it was originally released in 2014, we left it off. We encourage you to take a listen to the following offerings, maybe bring a few into your service of worship, and also let us know which new songs made a difference for you this past year.

If you’re looking for new worship music, this is a fantastic resource. Click here to see their whole list.

What would be on your list? What would you say are the top twenty worship songs of 2015?

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