Three Ways To Up Your Worship Team’s Game

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, money, or gear to help your worship team “level up.” TJ Wallace shares three simple things you can do to steer your worship team toward excellence:

Excellence. That one word sums up everything I aim for when it comes to worship ministry. I believe God has called us to be excellent because excellence leads well. There are many things you can go out and buy that would make your team better; more programs, softwares, instruments, etc. but one thing I’ve learned is that you have to be excellent with what you have RIGHT NOW. Here are 3 things you can implement to make your worship team more excellent today.

One of the tips is something we’ve covered before, and will probably cover again, because it bears repeating:

Stop looking at rehearsal as practice. Practice is what you do AT HOME, not what you do when you come together with other team members. Rehearsals should only be for putting your individual parts together to make the song as excellent as possible. Practice is sitting down with your individual instrument, chord charts/maps, the MP3, tutorials if needed, and nailing down YOUR role in the song. If by the time rehearsal comes around, you can play through the song without looking at music, chords charts, etc, then you are practicing correctly. When you show up to rehearsal, that is not a time to figure out your part.

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