What We Need To Fix About Worship In The Church

Rich Kirkpatrick writes out some sobering thoughts on negative trends in church worship:

I have identified five trends that have come to life this year that might be damaging to our expression of Christian worship. Some of these are connected to a tool’s application. The wonderful tools we have around us and the choices for leaders are greater than ever. Our ingenuity and cleverness has reached new heights. But, with all creativity there are two sides. Creativity as innovation solves a problem. Creativity as art tells a story. When we forget the story—basically who we are—in our desire to solve a presenting issue we lose ourselves.

These trends are based on what I have read, observations and interaction with hundreds of leadership of worship over this past year I have connected five trends that we need so discuss as we enter a new year of opportunity.

Rich shares five things we’re getting wrong and doing wrong when it comes to worship. Not every church is guilty of these, of course, but I’ve seen some of this first hand (in fact, two of them combined to form the impetus for my search for a new church this year). Check out the post here.

Rich’s list is a great thing to keep in mind as you head into a brand new year.

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