What Your Worship Leader Wants You To Know

Greg Jones opens his post with one powerful statement that carries a lot of weight:

As a worship leader, there are things I sometimes wish my church understood about my ministry.

He goes on to list ten things that worship leaders wish their congregations understood. Here’s an example:

Churches often don’t know the prep time it takes behind the scenes.
The church sees the worship team on Sunday mornings but most worship teams have at least an hour-long mid-week rehearsal and a sound check/run-through before service. The worship leader also does the footwork of picking out the songs, rounding up charts, MP3s, and communicating them to the team. The individuals on the team may often practice their parts before the mid-week rehearsal if they’re really on their game.

For a lot of us, you can also throw in putting slides together, making sure the sound board is covered, and dealing with last minute changes that come up!

Check out the whole thing here. What would you add to the list?

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