You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

Kade Young shares a story about a bad rehearsal, a service that wasn’t much better, and God’s hand at work:

We had less than 30 minutes left of rehearsal and we couldn’t even make it through our opening song without falling apart… Our drummer walked off to take a breather before his frustration got the best of him. In this moment I had to make a decision. It was clear that the opening song wasn’t going to come together. So, we either cut it altogether or replace it with something else.

I decided to replace it with a song we had done the previous week. We went through it a couple of times and were good to go. I would have rather done the original opening song but it is much better to have a team that is at peace than one that is scared to death we will fall apart mid-song.

To be honest, I was somewhat concerned about what would happen during worship.

Kade goes on to tell how God moved during the service, even though the music wasn’t as good as maybe it could have been.

Do you have a similar story to share?

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