Birth, Death, Worship, And Epiphany

Today is Epiphany, so I thought it appropriate to share this reflection on the Magi, worship, and how encountering Christ changes us.

Brian Zahnd shares TS Eliot’s “The Journey Of The Magi” and follows it with his own, as he puts it, “quasi-interpretation”:

An old Magi remembers his hard journey from long ago.
A hard time we had of it
He doesn’t regret it. He says—
I would do it again
Finding the King of the Jews came with a price.
To be a witness of this Birth was to also experience a particular Death.
(The Magi had thought birth and death were different, but came find out otherwise.)
Once you get even an inkling of what it really means that Jesus is King—
Nothing is ever quite the same. Some things will die. For sure.

Brian’s post is a powerful reminder that recognizing Jesus as King carries a cost – but it’s worth it. Read it here.

Footnote: As a certified English teacher, I am of course legally obligated to be a fan of TS Eliot.

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