Every Church Has Traditions

Even though the word “traditional” can be a loaded term when it comes to church, every single church has traditions. Even those that identify themselves as totally non-traditional.

Emily Barlow writes:

A wise person once told me that when you get married, you not only marry your spouse, but you marry an entire family. Your new family has its own traditions. Sometimes you don’t find out about those traditions until you’ve been married for six months. All of a sudden you’re playing Dirty Santa with competitive aunts and uncles and you never saw it coming!

But as families grow and change, so do their traditions. They begin incorporating special days of new family members and altering traditions when parents sell a house or a grandparent dies.

Being part of a local church can be the same way…

How you adapt and change those traditions as circumstances changes is crucial:

Then, nearly five years ago, our church launched an offsite worship service… As we’ve planned worship at this offsite service, we’ve considered the traditions of our sanctuary services and considered how they could grow and change to fit our offsite setting. Should we incorporate them in the same manner they are observed in the sanctuary? Should we leave them behind in favor of something new? How or would the formal traditions fit in an intentionally non-traditional setting?

Here’s how we’ve answered those questions…

Emily shares some practical advice on how to evaluate your church’s traditions – and decide which are worth keeping or changing. Read the whole post here.

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