God Is Seeking You

Sam Ward on what God really wants from us in worship:

… in John 4, we read that Jesus meets with a Samaritan woman at a well. She asks questions which, for much of the conversation, Jesus ignores. He’s more interested in this woman’s life and her question about worship. She points to geography, tradition and people groups as a basis for worship. Jesus again ignores all of that and tells her that God the Father is seeking worshipers and he has sent the Son of God to give them the gift of worship.

Does that sound crazy to anyone else? Our Father God, the Maker of the universe, is seeking something…WHY? I don’t know if I have the full answer, but I think we can say that God seeks what is important to him…and HE IS SEEKING WORSHIPERS! But not just any kind of worship.

You can be the kind of worshipper that God is seeking because He lays it all out in scripture. Click here to read Sam’s whole post and more insights on how to be the kind of worshipper that God seeks.

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