In Spirit, In Truth, And On Sunday

Daryl Cornett follows up his worship-focused post from last week to provide more insight on what it means to worship in spirit and in truth. The real question is: what does this look like on a given Sunday?

Daryl writes:

What Jesus said is the guide for our understanding worship and how wisely to do it when we gather together on Sunday mornings or at other times. Jesus must have shocked her when he told her that the location of worship was irrelevant. In the past God had given specific instructions about a tabernacle or temple, but now the time had come (with Jesus Himself) that location was not going to be a constraining issue in regards to worship. Remember, the tearing of the temple veil was just around the corner and its complete destruction a generation later! Jesus said the Father is seeking worshippers, not to come to the certain place and follow certain rituals, but to render worship “in spirit and truth.” So, there’s the big question. What does that mean for us when we gather on Sunday?

He also goes into the dangers we face when our truth/spirit balance in worship is out of whack:

If we have little concern for truth (in the music we sing, in our prayers, in our sermons, or in whatever we may do), then we will end up measuring the quality of worship by what we feel emotionally. And herein lies a great danger. Counterfeit worship occurs often when the emotions are stirred by something that appeals to sentimentality, traditionalism, or our senses rather than truth. Having our affections stirred in worship is good as long as the object of those affections is God, His beauty and His truth.

Read the whole thing here. Really good thoughts about worship in the church.

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