Review: The Union, Vol. II – Mat & Nicole Crisp

On January 1st, Mat and Nicole Crisp released their sophomore album The Union, Vol. II. If you are looking for beautiful, well written worship songs that have depth and meaning to them look no further: Mat and Nicole Crisp’s latest album is a stunning work that you will fall in love with from the first song you hear.

Mat Crisp is the Worship Director at LifeCentre in Canada and his wife, Nicole Crisp, is a music teacher and also a worship leader at LifeCentre; they have committed their lives to the local church. The Crisps recorded their first album in fall of 2012.

unionvoliiThis EP, The Union, Vol. II, offers listeners four original songs and one rendition of the beloved hymn, “I Stand Amazed.” The original songs are easy to learn and wonderfully written congregational worship songs with a heart and a story for Christ and what He is to us.

Musically speaking, Mat and Nicole Crisp’s are incredibly talented vocalists and offer beautiful harmony throughout their songs. Each song has a beat and a feel that does not overpower the lyrics. The voices and the meaning of the lyrics are center stage in each song.

Lyrically speaking, these songs are songs that the church could be singing in no time. They are beautiful anthems to God expressing to Him how we feel. “Unto You” is about what we do in His presence. It’s a great reminder to all worshipers that we should be gazing at Christ at all times. This is a worship song that has the potential to become a popular congregational song, you do not want to miss hearing this song or the whole album.

The track “All I Need To Know” is another great anthem for worshipers. This song is all about the things we need to know about God. It is a wonderful reminder that God, who knows all things, has a plan for His glory. We as humans do not always know all the things about the situation but God always has a plan and a purpose. The bridge sings out, “for Your glory God,” a simple but powerful message.

If you are looking for powerful worship songs with great vocals, be sure to check out Mat and Nicole’s sophomore album. They mix a classic hymn and several new songs to compose a great album every Christian will want to listen to. These songs have been on replay lately and you will be blessed by their work on this album.

The Union, Vol. II is available at Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

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