NoiseTrade Roundup 01.20.2016

There’s always lots of good worship music on NoiseTrade, and more is being added all the time. Here’s our weekly roundup of the newest worship music available on NoiseTrade.

What great worship music have you found on NoiseTrade lately?


Vinnie Adams – Hymns For Tesoros De Dios

Hymns For Tesoros De Dios is a collection of eight hymns – arranged, played, and sung by Vinnie Adams and a few of his best friends. Nothing new, nothing flashy… just some of the ol’ favorites done in a stripped-down, real simple & singable way. All of the funding for the engineering, mixing, mastering, and duplicating was taken care of on the front end so that every penny you give towards this record goes straight to Tesoros De Dios, a center for kids with special needs in Managua, Nicaragua. For your support of this record and of Tesoros De Dios, we say “thank you.”

The David Laws – Winter Session

On a cold night in northern Utah two musicians made the journey to record a few tracks in an old church. The songs had been written with care, and the spirit was real.

“Winter Session” is what came about.

Landon Bailey – Jesus Is The King

Jesus Is The King, a single dedicated to the local church, was meant to recapture the reality of the kingship of Christ. As the world’s true king, He will come one day to fully establish His kingdom, putting the whole world to rights. The hope and prayer of this song is for the church to celebrate that reality right now, as the church lives in the tension of the already and the not yet.

Lightheart – Earth Sampler

The concept album “Earth” is a journey through different atmospheres inspired by weather and exploring aspects of walking with God.

Jeremy Vanderloop – A Collection Of Hymns

If you’re in a place of yearning for tasteful and heartfelt worship music, then this Hymns EP will satisfy your wistful craving. Uniquely arranged, unlike any other Hymns album, yet it will still give you a sense of nostalgia. You can’t help but worship the Creator while listening to such lyrics drenched in such purity while the beautiful arrangement of the guitar, cello and kick drum just inspire reverential worship unto God. A Collection of Hymns!

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