NoiseTrade Roundup 01.27.2016

There’s always lots of good worship music on NoiseTrade, and more is being added all the time. Here’s our weekly roundup of the newest worship music available on NoiseTrade.

What great worship music have you found on NoiseTrade lately?


Skylar Kaylyn – In My Head

With the 2014 release of her newest album titled In My Head, Skylar Kaylyn weaved her musical thoughts with the talent of Nashville producers and musicians to create a refreshing and deeply inspirational compilation. In the songs of “In My Head,” Skylar Kaylyn has written about a variety of life situations that reflect her relationships with God, family, and friends, and that she hopes speaks to a wide-range of people… The completion of this album reflects two years of spiritual and musical growth for Skylar Kaylyn, as well as her deep love for the Lord.

Matthew Black – The Lord’s Prayer/Unafraid

These two songs were written to be sung by groups. Simple melodies, moving harmonies.

1. An a cappella setting of the Lord’s Prayer with modern language.

2. “Unafraid” is based on Psalm 4, a favorite text for prayers at the end of the day (referred to as “compline” in monastic communities).

Alys Keretses – Jesus, Be My Company

Alys Keretses is a singer, pianist, and songwriter from Columbia, South Carolina. Upon completing studies in classical piano performance, Alys moved to Baltimore, Maryland in 2013. The first year there was one of deep anxiety, isolation, and rich healing. Holding on to the words of favorite hymns in frequent moments of need provided gratitude for their beauty and power, a desire to give them new melodies, and the inspiration to create new hymns and spiritual songs. This first collection of Alys’s songs and hymn arrangements represents a season of choosing joy through sorrow, and finding restoration in worship.

Brigitte Donoho – Children Of God

Each song off of Brigitte’s sophomore album “Children Of God” takes the listener directly into an intimate place of worship and stirs within a passion for getting into the Lord’s presence. With anointed vocals, thought provoking lyrics and soaring melodies, this album is a must have! “All of the songs on this album I wrote during my intimate prayer time, I truly give God all the credit, He would just pour the songs into and out of me”.

Daniel Deitrich – The Table

Lyrically this EP is a challenge and an invitation. It’s a challenge to those who claim the name Christian: we have to rediscover the radical love and acceptance of Jesus, for ourselves and for those who look/live/love/think/worship differently from us.

It’s an invitation to those who struggle, those who have been deeply wounded, those who doubt, those who feel unworthy of love. You are not alone. You belong. You are loved.

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