Not Your House

Branon Dempsey writes about over-reliance on the worship experience and who the church really belongs to:

But I’m afraid of something: we relying too much on the one-hour weekly event, rather than our everyday relationship with God to worship. Plus, it goes much deeper.

This is no different than what the priests provided back in the Old Testament. People relied on the priest to make them holy, by the atoning work of sacrifices and prayers for their sins. Before the Reformation, people would actually pay the priests to have their sins forgiven. They called this action: indulgences.

Today, we don’t practice indulgences in the church (that’s the hope), but I am frightened at the thought that it still occurs in another way. People want their church, their way. If not, they remove their tithe, remove people they don’t like and vote with their feet. Does this not sound familiar with history? Is this really what Jesus wanted for the Church?

Church isn’t meant to be a consumer product. It’s a corporate experience. Read Branon’s full post here.

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