Personal And Ministry Goals For Worship Leaders

Mike O’Brien shares some great examples of personal goals and ministry goals that worship leaders should check out:

We so easily discount these goal making sessions as RESOLUTION PLANS that will only fail. But let me say this: You will inevitably begin and restart cycles of sin this year without a list or a plan. I promise. Knowing that the one who comes to steal and destroy is always working, we need to take the time to listen to what God has for us. There are more tools today to help us succeed than ever before.

Heads Up. It’s important that the goals for your family and home take precedence for growth BEFORE your ministry. Use these ministry examples to inspire the same discipline for your home life as well.

Overall, these are great goals, but one of them was frankly terrifying:

Lead ONE song this year from the piano

Unless “Chopsticks” has become a congregational worship song, I’m not sure I could pull that off. But maybe that’s the point…

Check out Mike’s full post here.

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