Quality Is Not The Enemy

David Murrow takes on the common complaint (with a great takedown) that worship in the church has become too entertaining:

So what do the critics want? Are they saying that boring, mediocre worship services are more pleasing to God? Is any effort to improve the quality of our weekly gatherings born of the flesh?

Quality is not the enemy. A creative worship service begets vitality and growth. People are drawn to good music and excellent preaching. Members are more confident to invite their friends to a church that offers an engaging, relevant worship service.

But let’s assume some churches have gone too far – and have taken worship-tainment to the point of heresy. What can we do about it? I see four paths…

He goes on to list four possible remedies for a church that has put too much focus on the production values of its services. Interesting read. Check it out here.

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